Chris Pratt Looks Completely Unrecognizable With a Full Beard

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Chris Pratt has had a lot of different looks during his career – from chubby to skinny, from skinny to outrageously buff, and from clean to scruffy. But for his new role in the upcoming sci-fi drama Passengers he looks almost unrecognizable.

At first glance, you can’t even tell who this bearded man is.

Look at that epic beard! It's hard to tell it's even Pratt and not a hermit from the mountains who hasn't been to the big city in 20 years.

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As ruggedly handsome as Pratt looks with his off the grid-style facial hair on the Atlanta, Georgia set of Passengers, thankfully the beard is fake. Just a few days before, Pratt was photographed on set totally clean shaven and flashing a peace sign like a stud.

Unless Pratt can grow a massive beard at will -- which we wouldn't put past him -- he is almost impossibly cool.

Pratt stars opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the sci-fi romance Passengers, which tells the tale of a group of interstellar space travelers who are put in cryogenic sleep for a long trip across the stars.

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Pratt plays a passenger who wakes up early and must face the possibility of living for decades by himself before the ship reaches its destination. He decides to wake up another passenger (Lawrence) out of a desperate need for someone to interact with.

Passengers is set for release in December 2016.

For more on Chris Pratt and the many reasons why everyone loves him so much, check out the video below.