Tom Hiddleston Would 'Love' to Star in a James Bond Film, Just Like 'Any British Actor' Would

The 'Crimson Peak' star admits that he doesn't even need to play Bond! He just wants to appear in the franchise.

Like many British actors of a certain age and level of handsomeness, Tom Hiddleston's name has often been bandied about as a possible candidate to star as the next James Bond.

While it's still to be seen who will fill out the iconic spy's tailored tux in the future, the 34-year-old Thor star wasn't shy about wanting the job when he spoke with ET at the red carpet premiere of his new horror film Crimson Peak on Wednesday.

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"I think any British actor that gets a phone call that says, 'Would you like to play James Bond?' There's no more enticing question than that," Hiddleston admitted. "Who on God's green earth knows who's gonna play the next James Bond? [But] I'd love to be in a Bond film at some point."

Hiddleston added that he doesn’t care if he gets to play the eponymous hero or just appear as a supporting character.

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"Even if [it happens] when I'm in my 70s, standing in the background and giving James Bond directions," Hiddleston said.

Do you think the 34-year-old actor would make a good James Bond?

Hiddleston's new film Crimson Peak, directed by horror icon Guillermo del Toro, hits theaters Oct. 16. Check out the chilling trailer:

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