Bryce Dallas Howard Won't Be Wearing High Heels in 'Jurassic World 2'

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There’s going to be at least one noticeable change in Jurassic World 2: no high heels for Bryce Dallas Howard.

When Jurassic World hit theaters this past summer, an unexpected controversy dominated the conversation – and it didn’t have anything to do with the vicious Indominus rex. Instead, it centered on the odd choice of footwear worn by Howard’s character, Claire.

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In a recent interview with Collider, the 34-year-old actress revealed that Claire would be wearing far more comfortable shoes while being chased by raptors and T. rexes.

“The way that [director] Colin [Trevorrow] told me that the sequel was happening, when it got greenlit and I was going to be in it, he texted me: #NoHeels2018,” she said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah boy!’”

She even joked that the first shot of the anticipated sequel would poke fun at the situation.

“The first shot needs to be something just really capable,” Howard said with a chuckle, “like just something with great arch support and rubber soles. She needs to be ready to run, eventually.”

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While Howard acknowledged that running in high heels through a jungle seemed outside the realm of reality, she was surprised by the controversy that followed.

“Of course it’s illogical for her to be in heels in the jungle,” Howard said. “She never intended to go in the jungle. And if she was in flats, that would be a cheat.

That would be something where it’s like, ‘She managed to get her hands on some flats.’ No, no, no, Claire never thought she was going to end up traipsing in the jungle, let alone outrunning a T. rex.”

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She added, “Of course she wouldn’t have sensible footwear on. She worked in a office and that’s how she dressed. She’s the woman who could probably run a marathon in heels and would and would prefer it.”

In an interview with Out magazine, Howard revealed the difficulties behind running in high heels.

“You always have to run on your tippy toes,” she told the mag. “It was surprisingly OK. I took really good care of my feet. If you get a blister, it’s kind of over. I was always wrapping my feet. I’m talking about it as if I was training for some Olympic show of athleticism.”

Jurassic World 2 hits theaters June 22, 2018. 

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