EXCLUSIVE: 'Home Alone' Cast Relives the Movie's Biggest Moments for 25th Anniversary

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As Home Alone turns 25, ET has interviews with the cast then and now, going over the Christmas classic's best moments.

Perhaps the ultimate moment from the 1990 movie was star Macaulay Culkin's signature scream. Director Chris Columbus recalled shooting the iconic moment when he spoke with ET earlier this month.

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"The script called for [Macaulay Culkin] to put shaving lotion on and suddenly it burns his skin and he screams," Columbus said. "We didn't know it was going to be the universal image for Home Alone."

From stepping on glass Christmas ornaments to getting smashed in the face with paint cans and a hot iron, co-star Daniel Stern suffered the most abuse on-screen. The actor called the stunts in the movie "just balls-out silly."

"I do remember that tarantula on my face," Stern told ET earlier this month. "I'm like, 'Is there like a rubber tarantula?' They said, 'We do have this rubber one, but it just kind of sits there.'"

Home Alone spent 12 weeks at No. 1 after it opened in November 1990. Before the movie went on a box-office tear, the stars were just hoping that it wouldn't tank.

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"It'd be great if it was a hit," Catherine O'Hara said prior to the film's release. "I hope it is. It seems like it'll be a nice, funny Christmas story."

Not only was it a hit, it became the top-grossing live-action comedy ever and held the record for more than 20 years before The Hangover Part II took the title.

"It's a classic movie and I'm very proud to be a part of that," Culkin says in a DVD extra clip.

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Home Alone is returning to select theaters for two nights, Nov. 8 and Nov. 11. Click here for ticket information.