Inside the Madness of the 'Spectre' Premiere in Mexico City

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Few movie premieres have been as big as the premiere for Spectre in Mexico City on Monday, and ET was there for all the madness.

The Spectre spectacular featured a massive red carpet, more than 140 costumed dancers and of course, James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

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"It's quite extraordinary," Craig admitted to ET on the red carpet.

"It's breathtaking," Lea Seydoux agreed. "It's absolutely incredible."

Craig explained that the significance of having a premiere in Mexico City was great considering the role that the city played in the film.

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"It's such a great pleasure for us to come here, because obviously the opening of the movie starts in Mexico City," he said. "It's such a way to round everything off, so I'm very excited."

The Day of the Dead opening sequence employed 1,520 extras.

"Mexico City gave such an amazing thing to the movie," Monica Bellucci said. "The first 10 minutes are really magic."

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In the movie, the bombing of MI6 headquarters leads to the uncovering of 007's personal artifacts. Then a cryptic message found in the ruins sends Bond on a lone trail to take down a sinister organization.

Spectre opens Nov. 6.