EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund Get Deadly in Menacing Crime Thriller 'Mojave'

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"What happened in the desert?"

It's this haunting question that drives the menacing undercurrent in the intensely visceral crime thriller, Mojave.

A jaded, suicidal artist named Thomas (Garrett Hedlund) decides to head out into the barren, sun-beaten expanse of the Mojave desert in a journey of self-discovery.

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Things go bad quickly as Thomas ends up wrecking his Jeep and finds himself wandering through the vast emptiness, until he stumbles onto something even more terrifying.

In the Mojave, Thomas meets a cryptic and mysterious drifter name Jack (Oscar Isaac), and soon finds himself locked in a deadly struggle with the menacing madman.

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Eventually, Thomas finds his way back to the city -- but the man he left for dead in the desert is hot on his tail and will stop at nothing to get his twisted vengeance.

The chameleon-like and homicidal Jack slowly and skillfully edges his way into Thomas' upper-class Los Angeles life, and the angry, angst-ridden artist must protect his family and his existence from Jack's sinister machinations.

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The Girl From Monaco's Louise Bourgoin and Justified's Walton Goggins co-star in the film, written and directed by Oscar winner William Monahan.

Mojave is set for a DirecTV exclusive release on Dec. 3, and hits theaters Jan. 2016.

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