Watch Gina Rodriguez's Priceless Reaction to 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Casting Rumors

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Rumors Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez could be cast in Star Wars: Episode VIII have been circulating for quite some time now, as first reported by The Wrap in September.

On Wednesday, ET caught up with Gina to kick off the Moet Moment Film Festival Celebration, and while we attempted to get to the bottom of the endless Star Wars whispers, we instead got the greatest reaction to anything we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. (You really need to watch the video to truly experience the magic.)

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“I don’t know anything!” Gina adorably told ET. “What I do know is that I would love to be a part of Star Wars. I think any actress would of course.”

Sure, it’s a total non-answer – but we can’t help but read into the priceless response we got from her.

“Hopefully one day! That would be awesome,” said Gina. “But right now, Jane. Jane. Jane. Jane. Jane.”

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We also asked Gina about the fact a that Episode VIII director Rian Johnson and The Force Awakens star John Boyega are now following Gina on Twitter. (Thanks for the heads up, Jedi News!)

“[John’s] a great friend of mine,” laughed Gina. “I’m very, very proud of him and very excited to see it. So I’ll be at the premiere!”

Or maybe she’s going to the premiere to experience the calm before the storm.

Gina helped kick off the Moet Moment Film Festival Competition, which began Wednesday – Moet is celebrating their 25th year at the Golden Globes.

“I toasted Moet on the night that I won the Golden Globe,” recalled Gina of her 2015 win. “I love the film festival that they're doing, I love the outreach, and I love the idea of capturing the now.”