'Neighbors 2' Trailer Is Hilarious With the Return of Zac Efron (Who Still Can't Find His Shirt)

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Seth Rogen
and Rose Byrne just can't catch a break with who moves in next door!

In the new trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, the on-screen couple is trying to move out from their college town home, only to have the value of their house threatened by a new sorority that moves in next door.

Chloe Grace Moretz
is ready to carry Zac Efron's torch as the mischievous house leader hell-bent on partying all the time. The actress brings a world of charm as she and her friends found Kappa Nu, a badass group of women that fight against the sexist Greek system policies barring sororities from throwing parties with alcohol. (This is a real thing, by the way, and it's messed up as hell.)

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But while we admire their ambitions, Rogen and Byrne have a house to sell, so Efron's character from the first Neighbors returns (with a disparity of upper body clothing again, thankfully) as "someone who can relate to stupid young people," to help the couple "shut this sh*t down."

Watch the somewhat NSFW trailer below.

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ET was on set of the upcoming comedy sequel, where Rogen joked about his co-star's buff bod.

“Zac does Zac,” he revealed. "“It annoys him more than it annoys me.”

Meanwhile, Moretz opened up about filming some of the pivotal action scenes in the film, saying that moviegoers are in for a shock when it all goes down.

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“They always say boys are scarier than girls,” she said. “But when you see what we’re doing right now, you realize very quickly that having a herd of women chasing Seth Rogen down a tailgate is much scarier.”

And while the trailer reveals that we apparently won't be seeing the baddie Selena Gomez we were hoping for -- her character is more of a straight-laced sorority leader in the trailer -- Rogen and Efron both opened up about working with their "really cool" surprise co-star.

Watch the video below.