Our First Look at 'Wonder Woman' Is Here and It Was Well Worth the Wait!

Warner Bros.

We're finally getting a look at the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and this might be one superhero origin story to really get excited about.

In the featurette for the long-awaited, female-driven action epic, we see actress Gal Gadot's gritty take on the iconic heroine, and Chris Pine's role as her longtime love interest, Steve Trevor.

We first saw DC's new take on the character in a brief cameo in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer a few months back, but now were seeing how Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Princess Diana of Themyscira) holds up in her own movie. From the looks of it, her solo film is going to be bada**.

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In addition to seeing elements of her Amazonian origins, fans can also expect some period-piece scenes set in the mid-20th century, similar to the engaging visual style Marvel utilized for the first Captain America movie.

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While this brief teaser doesn't shed much light on the story, it's certainly an exciting start to the promo-blitz moviegoers can expect between now and when the film hits theaters in June 2017.

Check out Wonder Woman's debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the video below.

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