EXCLUSIVE: New 'Angry Birds Movie' Trailer -- See Paradise Get a Facelift!

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The world will finally get to the bottom of why the birds are so angry in The Angry Birds Movie, and ET has the exclusive new trailer!

In the 3D animated comedy, an island populated entirely of flightless birds gets invaded by mysterious green piggies. When the visitors arrive, it's up to three outcasts -- Red (Jason Sudeikis), a bird with a temper problem, Chuck (Josh Gad), a hyperactive bird who can't sit still, and Bomb (Danny McBride), the most volatile of the bunch -- to find out what they're up to.

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"A lot of movies say that they're for everybody, but Angry Birds really does have something for every person in the whole family to enjoy," Gad said. "Kids are going to love it, parents are going to love it, cousins are going to love it, grandparents are going to love it, step-grandparents are going to love it, pets are going to love it -- unless it's one of those crazy movie theaters that doesn't allow boa constrictors."

While he's thrilled with the finished product, Gad admitted that bringing his speedy character to life was a challenge.

"I'd done speed reading before, but this was the first time I did speed acting. The coffee budget on this film was enormous," Gad joked. "It was a lot of effort playing Chuck. He's always moving around, bouncing from this thing to that thing. Up, down, in, out. Of course, since this is an animated movie, all the action is in my mind, so I'm mentally exhausted all the time."

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Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon fills out the cast, and she gushed about her hilarious co-stars.

"There's so many amazing comedians and actors in this movie!" she said. "You've got your [Peter] Dinklage, you got your [Jason] Sudeikis, Keegan-Michael Key, you got Rudolph... Maya Rudolph, not the reindeer."

McKinnon also agreed with Gad that the movie provides something for everybody.

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"There's comedy, there's action, there's scary moments, there's heartfelt moments," she said. "It's a real rollercoaster. Well, it's a movie. It's not a rollercoaster... YET!"

The Angry Birds Movie, also starring Blake Shelton, Tony Hale and Hannibal Buress, opens on May 20.