EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Mackie Says Suspenseful 'Captain America: Civil War' Is Still 'Wildly Funny'

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Captain America: Civil War
is right around the corner (we see you, May 6!), and we’ve been told it gets “a little heartbreaking!”

The suspenseful trailers and talk of intensity have us on our toes, but Anthony Mackie aka Sam Wilson aka Falcon, assured ET we won’t spend our entire time in the theater weeping.

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“It's a very smart, very suspenseful movie -- but it's WILDLY funny at the same time,” said Mackie. “There's some OUT LOUD laughs in the movie.”

ET sat down with Mackie and Chiwetel Ejiofor last month to talk Triple 9(and we're sure you’re already making this connection), where we couldn’t help but steer the conversation toward the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ejiofor recently stepped into the role of Baron Mordo in Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange.

“It's been a terrific experience,” said Ejiofor of his involvement so far. “I think that there's something that's very exciting brewing, so I'm thrilled about it.”