EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Tom Cruise Will Be a Part of 'Top Gun 2': I Wouldn't Make It Without Him

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Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been making blockbuster films for decades, and he doesn't show any signs of slowing down. ET caught up with the man with the Midas touch, who dished details about the Top Gun sequel he has in the works.

After Bruckheimer teased fans about Tom Cruise's involvement with the film in January, Bruckheimer confirmed to ET that the 53-year-old actor is in fact returning for the highly anticipated follow-up to the 1986 classic.

PIC: Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer Tease 'Top Gun' Sequel

"Yeah, of course!" he answered when asked if Cruise was coming back. "You don't make Top Gun without Tom Cruise!"

And you can't talk about Hollywood tentpole films without bringing up the name Bruckheimer. His hits have totaled $10.7 billion at the international box office, and as a way of acknowledging his many memorable projects, Bruckheimer is being honored with his very own film festival at UCLA starting on Friday that will last the entire month of April.

"It means I made too many movies -- that's what it is," Bruckheimer joked about the honor.

His movies are clearly still in high demand and some of his biggest projects coming up include a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean flick as well as possible sequels to Bad Boys and Beverly Hills Cop.

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Bruckheimer assured ET that if a Bad Boys 3 does happen, it would include Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. He also said that he's "had discussions with Eddie [Murphy] and Paramount" about a possible Beverly Hills Cop 4.

ET was on set for many of Bruckheimer's movies, including Pearl Harbor, which featured a then-25-year-old Ben Affleck, who remembered that big moment in his career at the New York City premiere of Batman v Superman earlier this month.

"Jerry was really helpful to me," Affleck told ET. "I didn't know anything about big Hollywood movies and I was very intimidated, and he helped me along. It was a thrilling movie experience for me."

While his films have brought joy to audiences in the theaters, they have also had an impact on fans outside of theaters as well. Bruckheimer told us that Pirates star Johnny Depp frequently visits hospitals dressed as his iconic character.

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"When we were in Australia, he went to the hospital and visited all these terminally ill kids as Jack Sparrow!" Bruckheimer explained. "He carries the costume in his trunk, and whenever he goes to the city, he will make sure he visits the Children's Hospital as Jack Sparrow."