EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Painstaking Process of Making the Stunning 'Huntsman: Winter's War' Costumes

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The gorgeous costumes worn in Snow White and the Huntsman were almost as crucial to the film as the stars wearing them, and the sequel is no different. ET got a look at how the clothes were made!

The Huntsman: Winter's Warcomes to life in the extraordinary costumes created by three-time Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood, who created more than 1,000 designs for the film.

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"The tiniest little details from how the beading is on these weird little stripes -- it's just incredible!" Emily Blunt gushed to ET.

The star-studded ensemble of Winter's War is led by Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, who reprise their roles from the original 2012 film, but this time, they’re joined by Blunt and Jessica Chastain.

Atwood and her team crafted more than 1,000 ornate designs for the film, and ET's Kevin Frazier got a personal tour of the massive shop outside London, where the fantastical pieces were created. It took three workers a month to make Blunt's silver metallic gown there.

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"I wanted something equal to the feather cloak that Charlize wears but scary," Atwood told ET.

The task was a tall order, as Theron's cape is made of real feathers, features hand-painted gold and weighs more than 50 pounds!

But aesthics weren't Atwood's only concern in designing costumes for the stars. She also kept in mind the type of action scenes they would have to film in them, and the amount of sitting around they would be doing while waiting for the scenes to be set up.

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"She's made me this incredible costume, but knowing there's a lot of waiting too, she created [it with] Velcro," Blunt told ET, showing how some of the pieces can be easily removed or loosened.

In Winter's War, moviegoers will learn that Eric the Huntsman (Hemsworth) and Ravenna (Theron) crossed paths long before they met Snow White and they will discover why the duo’s lives will be intertwined long after Snow White's rule has ended.

The Huntsman: Winter's War hits theaters on April 22.