EXCLUSIVE: Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart Got Mystery Tattoos at 3 AM

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Electra Woman & Dyna Girl has finally arrived! After nearly a year of waiting, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart’s superhero adventure is available to own.

“We filmed this last year in Vancouver around January, February, and I don't think we've ever had so long to build anticipation for a project,” Hannah says. “It's a big deal, guys. It's a big deal.”

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Another big deal: the tattoos the stars got when they finished filming the project! Grace calls it a “difficult” moment in their friendship.

“We just had such chaotic and exciting weeks and weeks of shooting, that we decided to get tattoos in Vancouver,” Grace explains.

“At 3:00 a.m.,” Hannah interjects.

“Yeah, which is not a good time to be making any personal decisions,” Grace notes.”Any place that was closed that will re-open so you can get a tattoo, you shouldn’t go to!”

Sadly, the ladies wouldn’t show off their ink during the interview.

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“You can read the full story in Buffering, my second book [out this fall],” Hannah teases. “It's got all sorts of un-shared tales!”

“I think that experience was difficult, but I'm glad we were in it together,” Grace adds, saying she doesn’t regret the body art -- it just makes her laugh.

“They’re totally fine [tattoos],” Grace says. “It’s just such a weird story … you should want to see Electra Woman & Dyna Girl as much as you want to see these tattoos.”

So, if you check out the movie, you might get to see the tats -- it’s available digitally everywhere now, and on DVD July 5. If you need more Grace in your life, check out the video below.