'Terminator 2' Turns 25: A Look Back at the Biggest Film in the Iconic Franchise

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On this Flashback Friday, ET is looking back at our time on the set of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend!

"This is what ET and Terminator have in common -- they're relentless," Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays the titular cyborg, told us in 1991. "ET is always there and reports accurately."

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When Terminator 2 opened on July 3, 1991, it was the most expensive film ever made with a budget of $102 million. Fifteen million dollars went to Schwarzenegger, who only speaks 700 words in the movie, but it was worth it, as the film became the biggest hit in the franchise. The sequel went on to make more than half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

The movie cemented Schwarzenegger as Hollywood's quintessential action star, who went on to become the governor of California.

T2 also gave us an early look at director James Cameron six years before he made Titanic, which earned him three Academy Awards at the 1998 Oscars.

"I go for perfection, but there is no such thing as perfection because perfection is subjective," Cameron told us on the T2 set. "I just want it to be the best that it could be."

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But not everyone in the cast went on to amass fame and fortune. Edward Furlong, who played John Connor, struggled with drugs and alcohol as his career faltered. In 2013, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Furlong was only 13 when we sat down with him in '91.

"I had to do a lot of exercising and working with guns a lot," he told us about preparing for the film.

In honor of the 25th anniversary, Terminator 2 is targeting a 3D worldwide re-release this year.