EXCLUSIVE: 'Star Trek Beyond' Cast Goes Way Back With High School Yearbook Pictures

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This Way Back Wednesday, ET took a stroll down memory lane with the stars of Star Trek Beyond by perusing their high school photos, but not everybody was thrilled about it.

"Oh no!" Zoe Saldana pleaded when presented with her old yearbook photo.

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The actress donned a much shorter bob back then, but according to the rest of the cast, her look stands the test of time.

"She looks like Michelle Obama," said Karl Urban.

"That looks like it was taken in the future," Simon Pegg agreed.

A few laughs were had at J.J. Abrams' expense.

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"Look at his hair! He looks like a microphone," Pegg joked.

John Cho's baby-faced pic brought out "aw"s from the women in the room.

"You know what's weird? The ladies didn't like me that much," Cho said.

Chris Pine looked unrecognizable as an awkward teen with Harry Potter glasses. In fact, it took his castmates multiple guesses to figure out who it was.

"I have no idea," Abrams said when presented with the picture.

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"Now I see it," Zachary Quinto said, holding the photo closer to his face. "Holy cow! That's crazy, man."

The gang is back for Beyond, which finds the Enterprise crew two years into their mission to deep space.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 22.