EXCLUSIVE: Josh Duhamel Is a Washed-Up, Drugged-Out Baseball Star in NSFW 'Spaceman' Trailer


There are a few great baseball movies out this summer -- between Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some and Joseph Mazzello’s indie debut, Undrafted -- but none quite like Spaceman.

In the film, out August 19, Josh Duhamel stars as real-life MLB pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee, who pitched for the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos from 1969-82. The film follows Lee after he was released from the Expos and showcases his unconventional pitching mechanics and even more unconventional lifestyle.

“Did you actually say you sprinkle marijuana on your oatmeal?” the team’s media director, played by Blake Lindsley, asks Lee incredulously in the NSFW trailer.

“No, I said pancakes,” Lee deadpans. “It helps with anxiety.”

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After his big league career burns out, Lee turns to the minors, taking a gig pitching for a senior league team just to stay in the game.

“I’m not ready to write my memoirs yet,” he says. “I just want to share my gift with the world.”

hits theaters August 19.

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