Dwayne Johnson Goes Method For 'Jumanji' Sequel (Sort of): 'I've Been Catching Fish With My Bare Hands'


Dwayne Johnson is deep in the lush forests of Hawaii shooting the hotly anticipated Jumanji sequel, and the star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video from the jungle showing just how deep into character he's really getting.

"I believe I am discovering new land, new territories, you can see this is as real as it gets," Johnson, who was decked out in the adventurer garb of his character, Dr. Bravestone, said while waving toward a small river behind him.

"I have had no water, no food. I've been catching fish with my bare hands, which I do not even recognize. They have three heads," the 44-year-old action hero shared. "I have had zero contact with the outside world."

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As he regaled fans with his tales of wilderness living, the camera man shooting the Instagram video panned over to a huge film crew stationed by the bank of the river (complete with comfy seats and craft services).

"Hey, hey, yes. Let's just keep that on me. You didn't see that," Johnson said, pulling the camera's focus back to him, "Like I said, I am discovering new land. Welcome to Jumanji!... You ruined the shot. Son of a b****! You ruined the shot."

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On Tuesday, Johnson shared a first look from the Jumanji sequel with a set pic, showing himself and co-stars Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan rocking their epic exploration outfits.

"Our dope 90's vintage costumes will all make sense when our plot's revealed. Truuuuuust me," Johnson teased in the caption.

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One Jumanji star not seen in the pic is Nick Jonas. The actor spoke with ET on Tuesday at the Los Angeles premiere of upcoming college drama, Goat, where he opened up a little about his character in the adventure flick.

Jonas couldn't share much, but he did give a little tease, explaining that he plays "an important character that helps the rest of the team kind of go about their journey in this game." Check out the video below to hear more.

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