EXCLUSIVE: Peyton List and Logan Paul Reveal On-Set Secrets From Behind the Scenes of 'The Thinning'

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It’s time to enter the world of The Thinning.

ET got an exclusive invite to the set of the new dystopian thriller, where stars Peyton List and Logan Paul revealed five secrets from behind the scenes.

1. This is Logan’s first movie -- and filming was not what he expected.

“The biggest surprise about making a movie has got to be the wait in between takes,” the Vine star confesses. “I'm so used to doing stuff, as you can imagine, fast and on the go, and just calming down, being patient for me is something I have yet to get used to.”

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2. There was at least one awkward moment on set.

“[Lia Marie Johnson and I], we were sitting at lunch,” Logan recalls. “And she’s like, ‘I’m hungry. I’m gonna go get another cookie.’ And I was on, like, my third day of a juice cleanse, and sometimes I say stuff to convince myself I don’t need food, and I was like, ‘You don’t need a cookie’ [out loud].”

“All the girls were like, ‘What did you just say to her?!’” Peyton adds.

“It was bad,” Logan says.

3. Filming a dystopian thriller is freaky!

“I will say, looking at these guards dressed up in all black, that’s just freaky alone!” Logan admits. (The film features masked guards who help remove children from society.)

“It’s terrifying,” Peyton says.

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4. The cast got really close while filming.

“Peyton List is sweet,” Logan shares.

“I would say [Logan’s] a very motivated person,” Peyton replies. “And hard working.”

5. The Thinning is going to be a whole new experience for Peyton and Logan’s fans.

“I would say the really cool thing is to see Logan and I outside of the comedic area,” Peyton reflects. “See us in a really serious part.”

The Thinning
premieres on YouTube Red on Oct. 12. Check out the trailer below!