EXCLUSIVE: Watch Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Adorably Set a Date 'For Research' in 'La La Land' Sneak Peek

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling might be A-listers now, but the pair are channeling their starving artist days inLa La Land, a new musical from Whiplash writer and director Damien Chazelle.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming film, aspiring actress Mia (Stone) is beyond thrilled to tell Sebastian (Gosling) that she landed a callback for a new TV show.

“I feel like I said negative stuff about it before,” Mia explains, second-guessing herself through excited giggles. “It’s like Rebel Without a Cause, sort of.”

This description of the series thrills Sebastian, who begins quoting the classic James Dean film, only to realize that Mia’s never seen it.

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“You know, it’s playing at the Rialto,” the jazz musician offers. “I can take you. You know, for research.”

“OK great,” Mia says with a smile as the two fumble their way through the suddenly, adorably awkward conversation. “For research.” Check out the clip above to see what happens next.

La La Land
hits theaters on Dec. 9.

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