Jennifer Lawrence Can't Stop Laughing When Chris Pratt Insults 'Passengers' Sex Scene

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are really good at laughing off insults -- even when they're a little below the belt.

The Passengers co-stars agreed to participate in BBC Radio 1's "Playground Insults" segment, where they proceeded to make little digs at one another.

Lawrence was up first but could hardly get her insult out before she started laughing. "You are so falsely strong that if I was given a choice of you or your wife to protect me, I would choose Anna [Faris]," she touted.

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"I recently told you that you act like Adele sings," Pratt declared in a later jab. "I hate Adele."

The gloves certainly came off when Lawrence, an Oscar winner, asked her co-star, who does not have an Academy Award, "Where do you keep your Oscar?"

Flustered, Pratt replied, "Um, that was really good. You were given an Oscar for Best Actress. You would also get one for being the worst. ...Think I just lost about 20 points on that one."

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Calling out the 37-year-old actor's age, Lawrence went on to quip, "You are so old that your publicist is a registered nurse."

The war of words also led to both actors insulting the other's performance during the nude scenes of the movie. "Before our sex scene, I took two Pepto Bismol," Lawrence claimed.

"During our sex scene, I felt your d**k rubbing into me," Pratt responded, leading Lawrence to burst into laughter.

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