Josh Gad Recruits Chris Pratt, Judy Dench, J.J. Abrams and More to Ask Daisy Ridley for 'Star Wars' Spoilers

While they film 'Murder on the Orient Express,' Gad decided to bug his co-star with tons of questions about 'The Last Jedi.'

Josh Gad
and Daisy Ridley are currently in production on the upcoming remake of The Murder on the Orient Express. So, Gad decided to use his friendship (and proximity) to the Star Wars star to try and pry out a few coveted spoilers about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

The efforts began in earnest in late January when he invited Ridley into his trailer on the pretense of discussing their film, and then ambushed her with Star Wars questions.

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"I had an important question to ask you, I'm so sorry. I meant to call you last night, but it's about today's scene," Gad asks off-screen as he films his co-star on his phone. "Um, who are the last Jedi? Like, is it one [Jedi]? Or is it more than one?"

"No, were not doing this," a smiling-yet-annoyed Ridley calmly shoots back.

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After another failed attempt the following week, Gad employed some star power to help in his inquiry -- their Orient Express co-star (and Oscar winner) Dame Judi Dench.

"Josh, I'm not answering any of your Star Wars questions," Ridley says as she walks into Gad's trailer, in a video he posted on Feb. 8.

"No, Daisy, you're not. You're answering her Star Wars questions," Gad says, panning the camera around to reveal Dench sitting at a table with a very serious look on her face.

"Have you been tested for midi-chlorians?" Dench asks, pointedly. When she doesn't get a response, the interrogation continues. "Is Snoke Palpatine? Are you the last Jedi? Why don't you answer my damn questions?"

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Finally, on Monday, Gad made one final last-ditch effort to squeeze some spoilers out of the tight-lipped actress by inviting her over to his house where he'd called together an A-list team of superstars, who all wanted some answers of their own.

Chris Pratt, Penelope Cruz, Bryce Dallas Howard, Leslie Odom Jr., Lucy Boynton, Tom Bateman and Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow (who will also be helming Star Wars: Episode IX) were all sitting around in the study, and pounced on Ridley as soon as she walked through the door.

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"Anything you could tell us would be helpful," Trevorrow pleads, as Gad pans the camera around the assembly.

"Did the heels of your boots ever get stuck in the grates of the Millennium Falcon?" Howard asks, coyly calling back to the criticism her Jurassic World character, Claire Dearing, received for wearing heels while running around the jungle.

"I'm in Guardians of the Galaxy," an adorably uncomfortable Pratt offers.

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As Gad gets questions from the circle, the last guest to ask Ridley for some secrets is Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, who passed the directing torch to Rian Johnson for the hotly anticipated eighth episode.

"Does Luke finally get to say any lines in Episode VIII? Please tell me, Daisy," Abrams begs. As the camera swings back around to Ridley, it's clear she's barely able to contain her laughter.

Fans will have to wait for answers until Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi flies into theaters Dec. 15, less than one month after Murder on the Orient Express is released on Nov. 22.

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