8-Year-Old 'Lion' Star Sunny Pawar Celebrated Upon Return to India -- See the Completely Adorable Pics!

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Welcome home, Sunny Pawar!

The adorable 8-year-old Lion star, who played the younger version of Dev Patel's character in the Oscar-nominated film, returned home to Mumbai, India, where the welcome wagon was rolled out in a big way!

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"It's been crazy. People have not stopped calling since we arrived home. We've not stopped to rest for one minute," Pawar told the Daily Mail. I love seeing my family get the respect they deserve. I would not have done any of this without their support. Nobody has treated us like we're a poor family or live in a slum during this journey. I can only hope it continues and my family are treated well wherever they go."

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Meanwhile, Pawar was pretty much the darling of the 2017 Oscars ceremony last weekend, where he opened up to ET about his stay in America. And we've gotta say -- he pretty much crushed it!

Watch the video below for what he did.

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