EXCLUSIVE: Emma Watson Says 'Harry Potter' Cast Has an Active Group Text Chain!

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The Harry Potter cast sticks together.

Emma Watson talked to ET's Carly Steel at the Hollywood premiere of Beauty and the Beast, where the Hogwarts alum shared that she and her co-stars from the movie series still keep in touch -- only they've traded messenger owls for messaging apps!

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"We actually have a group WhatsApp which invited everyone really from the main cast from Harry Potter to come to the screening," the 26-year-old actress revealed. "It's a case of trying to, like, get people into the right places, but yeah, everyone has been very supportive and I'm very supported by my old co-stars."

Watson also explained that while there are certainly parallels between Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast -- two beloved works brought to life in live-action -- childhood afforded her certain blinders to the pressure that she didn't have this time around.

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"Playing Hermione when I was a child ... was kind of an 'ignorance is bliss' factor a little bit," she reasoned. "Now as an adult, I knew i was bringing to life ... part of people's childhoods, and I kind of knew what that was."

One big sense of nervousness for Watson -- singing as Belle!

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"I was convinced that I was Florence Foster Jenkins, like, I was a terrible singer, but no one could tell me that I was very bad. This was my major, major fear," she confessed. "It took me, like, six months to get over and then I think, like, finally halfway through the movie I finally was like, 'Maybe, I'm OK.'"

"People seem pretty convinced by me, so I'm going to go with that," she added. "It took some conversations with myself in the mirror a few mornings."

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From what we can tell, you knocked it out of the park, Emma!

Now that she's branched out into a singing role, we also asked Watson whether she'd consider branching out further into comedic acting (to her credit, she does have a cameo in Seth Rogen's 2013 film, This Is the End).

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"People are surprised in real life that I'm really silly," she shared. "People think I'm super serious, then I can be like, 'No.'"

Watch the video below for the Harry Potter gang that turned out to support Watson at the Beauty and the Beast premiere.