EXCLUSIVE: Original 'Power Rangers' Cast Talk Reuniting For the First Time, Dish on 'Exciting' New Movie

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The original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunited at the premiere of the new, blockbuster Power Rangers movie, and for some of the stars it was a great chance to reconnect with old friends.

Amy Jo Johnson
, who starred as Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger, stopped to talk with ET's Ashley Crossan, where she opened up about her post-Power Rangers relationships with her co-stars.

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"I'm really good friends with a lot of the original cast," Johnson said. "Me and David Yost are like best friends. And then I talk to [Jason David Frank] a lot. But I haven't seen Walter [Jones] or Austin [St. John] in forever, so this is super fun."

In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which debuted in America in 1993, Yost played Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, alongside St. John -- who played Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger -- and Jones, who played Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger.

Frank joined the cast later in the first season as the enigmatic Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. Frank's character ended up becoming a fan favorite, and he ended up acting in many of the later Power Ranger spin-off series.

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Yost, who also appeared in numerous installments in the Power Rangers franchise over the years, said he was "really excited" for the big premiere.

"Obviously it's a big honor. I'm very humbled. We started this franchise 25 years ago, here we are 25 years later with a whole new cast of kids and they're taking on the original characters so it's really exciting to see what they're going to do with those characters," Yost said. "They're going to be loving it because they're official Power Rangers."

While Yost says he has managed to keep in regular contact with all his former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cohorts, he said, "It's great that we're all here together getting to experience this together."

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The original Blue Ranger went on to say that getting to watch the new film for the first time with his old friends and co-stars will definitely "be a moment."

As for St. John, he said that getting the original series rebooted was "incredibly flattering," and that he's somewhat "nervous" for the new cast, but that he's "hopeful for the very best."

Saban's Power Rangershits theaters this Friday.

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