Did Original 'Power Rangers' Tommy and Kimberly End Up Together?

Please spare our fragile '90s hearts.

Mighty Morphin’ Warning! If you haven’t seen the 2017 Power Rangers reboot, we recommend coming back after to avoid spoilers!

If you were a child in the 1990s with a working pulse, it was hard to avoid the emotional investment and ultimate heartbreak that was Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver and Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart’s love saga from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series (which was a reality show, by the way).

With the release of the Power Rangers reboot, out Friday, we can’t help but revisit a sleeper cell of nostalgic and fragile emotions, help!

In the briefest of recaps: Fans were heartbroken when Kimberly left the Power Rangers in season 3 to pursue gymnastics -- leaving her catch-of-a-boyfriend, Tommy, behind and later ending their relationship via letter, revealing she met ‘the person she belongs with’ in Florida.

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*Editors note: As a journalist, it’s important to stay unbiased… but DANG GIRL, that was ice cold. This is Tommy Oliver we’re talking about. He saved your life, literally, several times -- He deserved at least a phone call, it wasn’t 1848! Why did you snail mail him a letter from Florida, you coward?! And WHO did you meet that bests Tommy? Superman?

Anyway, this really felt like the end of true love as we know it.

That is, until now.

At the end of the 2017 Power Rangers reboot, fans will catch a glimpse of actors Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank reunited on screen and seemingly together again as the evil Rita Repulsa is kicked out of Angel Grove once and for all!..At least until the sequel.

It’s doubtful these two appeared in the flick AS Tommy and Kimberly since there’s already a Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart in the new universe -- Plus, a ton of other elements timeline-wise that make this nonsensical.

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BUT, it did have us thinking about the *icy* breakup letter, and if that was truly the end of Tomberly? Kommy? Whink Ranger? What year is it?

Taking true journalism to the next level, we asked Amy Jo at the red carpet premiere the hardball question: DID TOMMY AND KIMBERLY END UP TOGETHER?

“They probably ran off together at some point and ruined each other's marriages,” said Amy Jo with a laugh, “I'm just kidding! I have no idea what happened.”

Let's hope so. Because some of us would like to ignore the fact that Tommy and Kimberly's successor, Kat Hillard, were eventually married.

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