EXCLUSIVE: 'Trainwreck' Star Vanessa Bayer Reacts to a Bucket List in the Worst Way in 'Carrie Pilby' Clip

Once again, the 'SNL' standout proves she's so good at playing the worst best friend. Or is it best worst friend?

Vanessa Bayer is so good at playing the worst best friend. Or is it best worst friend?

In the quirky comedy Carrie Pilby, the titular character creates a list of goals with her therapist that she's meant to achieve before the end of the year -- make a friend, go on a date, that sort of thing -- only to have her new co-worker mistake it for a Bucket List.

"I do not have the emotional maturity to deal with a terminal friend right now," Saturday Night Live standout and Trainwreck star Bayer says in this exclusive clip from the movie, before offering Carrie advice on cheating fiancés and giving someone the bang of his life.

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The Orchard

Carrie Pilby
, an adaptation of the bestselling YA novel by Caren Lissner, stars Bel Powley (of the acclaimed indie, Diary of a Teenage Girl), as well as Jason Ritter, Nathan Lane and the swoon-worthy William Moseley.

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

Carrie Pilby is a genius who graduated Harvard at 18. Convinced that the world is populated by oversexed hypocrites, she has a hard time making sense of life as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. In an effort to coax Carrie out of her shell, her psychiatrist (Lane), makes a deceptively simple checklist of goals for her to achieve between Thanksgiving and the year's end. Each goal brings Carrie closer to the understanding that humans, like books, can’t be judged by their covers.

Carrie Pilby arrives in theaters on March 31 and is available on demand on April 4.