EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Banks Talks 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot and Reveals If She'll Play an Angel

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Charlie's Angels
is heading to the big screen -- again!

Elizabeth Banks
will take on directing duties for the upcoming adaptation, which is scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2019, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Though the lucky ladies who will be playing the Angels have yet to be revealed, there's one person who likely won't be slipping into those shoes.

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ET sat down with the 43-year-old actress-director in March, while she was promoting Power Rangers, where she revealed that she wasn't open to the idea of casting herself as one of Charlie's Angels.

"Not as an Angel. No," she told ET's Cameron Mathison matter-of-factly.

When asked why she wasn't keen on doing so, Banks said the role's physical demands would be too much.

"Too much [mimes a punch] and [mimes another punch] and I have to train and like, ugh!" Banks said. "I can't. I'm so tired!"

With a release date now on the books, it seems the project is finally going full steam ahead. Earlier this year, Banks revealed why the Charlie's Angels reboot -- a passion project she's been working on for years -- was taking so long.

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"We're still developing it," the Pitch Perfect 2 director said at the time. "I want to do right by the franchise and by the women that we involve and I want to say something to people and I want the movie to matter."

"That's hard to do, but we're getting closer and closer," Banks added.

Original Charlie's Angels star Cheryl Ladd, who played Kris Munroe in the ABC TV series from 1977-81, also spoke out about the upcoming reboot, and got candid about the chances she could drop by for a cameo.

"If there was something fun to do, absolutely. Why not?" the 65-year-old actress told ET's Nischelle Turner in April during press for Unforgettable.

Ladd said she didn't have any particular actresses in mind for the coveted roles of the Angels.

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"There are a lot of young wonderful actresses. What I liked about the very first movie they did with Drew [Barrymore in 2000], there was such a sweet little nod to the show," she said, referencing the Charlie's Angels trilogy led by Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

"It had a sweetness to it, and then you can have all of the excitement and the blowing up the buildings and the [flying] out of planes and para-shooting things and all of that," she continued. "But it's the essence of that sweet relationship that we had and who we were as people, and if they go back to more of that formula, they can be very successful again."

The Charlie's Angels reboot hits theaters June 7, 2019.