EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise Says There Might Be a Volleyball Scene in the 'Top Gun' Sequel!

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With Top Gun 2 now in pre-production, fans of the original are already dying to learn what they can expect from the long-awaited sequel -- and star Tom Cruise is sharing a few hints.

Speaking with ET's Carly Steel at the premiere of his new horror blockbuster, The Mummy, in New York City on Tuesday, the 54-year-old action star revealed a few things that fans can look forward to.

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"There's gonna be jets, very fast jets," Cruise joked. "There's gonna be an aircraft carrier, maybe two. And a wide range of jets."

The secretive star played coy about the high-profile project, teasing, "It's gonna have music… We have a soundtrack. There's gonna be actors in it. [And a] motorcycle, definitely [a] motorcycle."

However, in the midst of all his jokes, Cruise did hint that one of the original film's most iconic (and unintentionally hilarious) scenes might be recreated.

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"[There] may be a volleyball scene," Cruise said. "Maybe. We'll see. I have not told anyone in the world as much as I've just told you right now."

The star also teased that he's had "a lot of training" for flying helicopters and planes, although it's not necessarily for Top Gun 2. In his upcoming dramedy, American Made, Cruise stars as a commercial airline pilot, and he also seems to include some sort of death-defying plane-related stunt in each of his recent action films.

The Mummy
hits theaters this Friday.

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