Armie Hammer Brings His Adorable Kids to 'Cars 3' Premiere, Jokes About Daughter's 'Posing' -- See the Pics!

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Armie Hammer didn't think this through!

The Cars 3 star made the film's Los Angeles premiere on Saturday night a family affair, walking the red carpet with wife Elizabeth Chambers and the couple's two adorable kids, 2-year-old Harper and 4-month-old Ford.

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While the 30-year-old actor jested that the hectic walk was supposed to dissuade Harper from following in his footsteps as an actor, it may have had the opposite effect!

"My daughter is still on the red carpet, like, posing ... I think I might be in trouble," Hammer told ET. "She's smiling and having a great time. This is supposed to terrify her. This really backfired."

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Hammer added that if his daughter did come to him about acting, he would tell her to slow it down, and be a kid for awhile!

"I'd say, 'You're two and a half. You have no idea what you want,'" he said, joking that he'd more likely let his daughter be a "car" like he plays in the movie. "I'd say that's more realistic and I'd allow that easier than I'd allow you to be an actor."

And, as seen on Chambers' Instagram from the night, Hammer wasn't kidding about his daughter already being a red carpet pro!

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In all seriousness, Hammer added that he enjoyed having the premiere be at Disneyland, where he could spend quality time with his loved ones.

"It's nice bringing my family," he shared. "To have it at Disneyland, you know my family is going through the park. It's like a nice treat to get to do all this and include my family."

Cars 3 parks itself in theaters on June 16.

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Meanwhile, his kids aren't the only siblings Hammer has palled around with recently.

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Reporting by Angelique Jackson.

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