EXCLUSIVE: Tom Holland's Adorable Little Brother Crashes His Red Carpet Interview at 'Spider-Man' Premiere

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Tom Holland
made the Hollywood premiere ofSpider-Man: Homecoming a family affair on Wednesday, and his youngest brother had nothing but pride for the new webslinger when they stopped to talk with ET's Nischelle Turner.

"I'm losing my mind right now," the 21-year-old star said of the star-studded premiere. "This is so surreal. My whole like, last three years has been leading up to this moment and we're here today and I can't believe it. I genuinely can't believe it."

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Tom was joined on his big night by his mom, Nikki, two of his brothers, Harry and Patrick, as well as his grandparents, Tony and Tess, his grandma Tina and his cousin, Sydney.

However, it was his youngest brother who boldly stepped up to talk about his bro's big night.

"[I'm] very proud, yeah, I try to be like him," Patrick, 13, shared. "I try I do a lot of auditions, but I never get them."

While he hasn’t made his big-screen debut just yet, Tom had a pretty great idea for how they could work Patrick in to a future Spider-Man film. "Maybe you can play young Spider-Man," he suggested. "Maybe if we do a flashback you can be baby Peter Parker."

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Or, as the star suggested, his little bro could always play Spider-Man's "long lost brother." It's not a bad plan either. As Tom recently shared in a series of videos posted to his Instagram story, his little brother makes a great gym partner.

The two clearly resemble one another -- most notably in this super cute flashback pic of Tom which his mom posted earlier this month with the caption, "Been swinging around for years."

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After Patrick regrouped with the rest of the family, Tom dished on his upcoming superhero blockbuster, and reflected on the film's cast, which is one of the most diverse of any Marvel film yet.

"You know, if you go to a high school in Queens they're incredibly diverse," he explained. "I think the amazing thing that [director] Jon Watts did was cast who was best for the role rather than who looked right, according to the comics."

"I really think he made an incredible decision. It's paid off," Tom added. "I'm so glad he made that decision. I've got friends for life and they're brilliant in the movie. "

The young actor stars alongside Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Donald Glover, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which swings into theaters on July 7.

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