EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Bridges Marvels at Halle Berry's Comic-Con Chug, Reveals Channing Tatum Dances in 'Kingsman 2'

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The cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle don't mess around when it comes to having a good time.

On Thursday, Halle Berry surprised fans at the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the Kingsman sequel when the actress downed a full glass of straight bourbon on stage, and didn't miss a beat.

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ET caught up with Berry's co-star, Jeff Bridges, after the event and the legendary actor couldn't help but marvel at her impressive alcohol tolerance.

"Look, she's pretty good. She's still on her feet, man, and she just polished off a pint," the 67-year-old Hell or High Water star said. "My God."

In the hotly anticipated Kingsman sequel, the agents of the British secret spy agency are forced to team up with their American counterparts, the Statesman, to take down The Golden Circle, a mysterious group of super criminals who are a threat to humanity.

As Bridges explained to ET, while the Kingsman operate in secret using a fancy tailor shop as their front, the Statesmen operate a little differently -- their front is a Bourbon distillery in Kentucky.

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And while the Kingsman use codenames based on Arthurian legend, the Statesmen use the names of different drinks -- and Bridges, as their leader, goes by the moniker "Champagne."

"[But] I don't like champagne. It sounds a little, maybe too gentle for my taste," Bridges joked. "I like to go with 'Champ.'"

The decision makes sense, considering nothing about the Kingsman movies could really be described as "gentle." From gory hand-to-hand fights to over-the-top, guns-blazing combat sequences, the first Kingsman broke new ground for action films, and Bridges says the fight scenes are just as impressive this time around.

"[They're] excellent, excellent! And they're under the watchful eye of our [director], Matthew Vaughn, who is just so brilliant at pulling this stuff off."

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While Taron Egerton, Sophie Cookson, Mark Strong and, inexplicably, Colin Firth are all reprising their roles as Kingsmen, Bridges and Berry are joined by franchise newcomers Pedro Pascal and Channing Tatum as Statesmen agents.

If the new trailer released on Thursday is any indication, Tatum certainly knows his way around a weapon -- however, Bridges says fans are going to get to see the handsome star bust out a few dance moves between fight scenes.

" He does some dancing in this. [He's] really good," the Oscar winner teased. "It's very appropriate to the character. I don't want to give [anything away], I probably talked too much telling you that he shakes a leg. I probably shouldn't have even said that, but I love his dancing."

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ET also caught up with the Magic Mike star after the Kingsman panel at Comic-Con on Thursday, where he admitted how nervous he got when he first met Berry on set. Check out the video below to hear more.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
hits theaters Sept. 22.

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