Whoopi Goldberg Greets 'Sister Act' Fans Dressed as Nuns in Celebration of Film's 25th Anniversary

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Sister Mary Clarence has still got it!

On Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg showed up to a movie theater in New York City to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sister Act, which was released on May 29, 1992. Needless to say, the fans who showed up to see a screening of the beloved film were ecstatic to see the leading lady.

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For those who have not seen Sister Act, Goldberg plays a lounge singer, Delores, who witnesses a mob crime and is placed into hiding by police at a traditional convent. It's here that "Sister Mary Clarence," as she is renamed, gets the church's choir full of nuns into singing shape, and they bring down the house with their performance of "Oh Happy Day."

While Goldberg did not slip back into her nun costume for this week's event, a few of her fans showed up in the conservative garments. When the 61-year-old actress greeted two women in Sister Act outfits with a hug, they clearly got emotional, with one of them even tearing up.

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Sister Act is perhaps one of Goldberg's most memorable films. Both she and the movie were nominated for Golden Globes, and she went on to do Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit the following year, which also starred Lauryn Hill.

In addition to Sister Act celebrating a monumental anniversary, Fatal Attraction also turned 30 this year. Here's what Glenn Close told ET about what she remembers about starring in the thriller:

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