EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Dhavernas Reveals the Not-So-Glamorous Side of Makeup Sales in 'Easy Living' Trailer

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"I am the architect of my life," Sherry, the door-to-door makeup saleswoman played by Caroline Dhavernas, announces in the trailer for Easy Living. "I build its foundation with the qualities of stability and resilience."

There's not much in the way of either in the preview, debuting here on ET, as Sherry eats burgers in her car, endures uncomfortable hookups, indulges in a few too many cocktails and plays with a handgun. Hannibal and Mary Kills People star Dhavernas also fronts this exclusive look at the movie's poster, with the tagline, "Success is an illusion."

Gravitas Ventures

EXCLUSIVE: 'Mary Kills People' Star Caroline Dhavernas Embraces the Bizarre

"I like when things are completely absurd," Dhavernas recently told ET. "I like when people take risks. I want to be able to challenge myself and challenge the viewer and challenge the back of our mind -- the subconscious mind."

Easy Living
comes from first-time feature director Adam Keleman and premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival this year. The melodrama costars Jen Richards, who appeared on Nashville and Caitlyn Jenner's docuseries, I Am Cait, and who calls the film "groundbreaking and revolutionary."

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"Sherry Graham (Dhavernas), a self-destructive makeup saleswoman, lives life by her own set of rules. In the daytime, she confidently touts makeup products to new and old clients, but at night she hangs out at bars picking up men. She often looks to self-help books for inspiration and watches old black-and-white movies to escape the suburban milieu she finds herself in. We soon learn that Sherry is estranged from her family. After an ultimatum from her sister, Sherry tries to open up a salon with her best friend, Danny (Richards). But as Sherry's plans begin to unravel -- both in love and business -- she takes control of her life in a dramatic turn of events."

And watch an additional clip below:

Easy Living
is in theaters in NYC on Sept. 15 and available on VOD on Sept. 19.