James Durbin on Jennifer Lopez's Tears: 'I Don't Like To Make Girls Cry'


ET caught up with James Durbin days after he became the latest castoff from "American Idol." The rocker expressed his disappointment, not for getting kicked off, but for other reasons.

"I was sad but not for the reason that most people think," Durbin declared. "The biggest reason was I knew I wouldn't get to go to homecoming and see my family."

The singer was delightfully surprised when the show runners granted him the chance to join the homecoming episode, an experience he likened to "Beatle-mania." When asked about Jennifer Lopez crying during his announced exit, he almost felt remorseful despite being nearly oblivious to what happened.

"I didn't actually know until I watched it back," Durbin said. "I don't like to make girls cry. Girls make me cry."

Hear what Durbin said about the upcoming "American Idol" tour and more in the video!