Reports: Men Arrested Near Joss Stone's Home Carrying Swords & Body Bag

Getty Images

Two men have been arrested near the rural British home of singer Joss Stone in an alleged murder plot and the suspects were reportedly carrying swords, rope and a body bag. 

Police said the two men, aged 30 and 33, were arrested Monday near Stone's house in southwest England after residents reported a suspicious-looking vehicle in the area. A police source tells Britain's BBC that the men had swords, rope and a body bag, as well as maps of the singer's secluded property.

Police officers stood guard Wednesday outside the gates to the home, which sits on a quiet country road. It was not clear whether Stone was at home when the men were arrested, but the singer's London publicists, DWL, confirmed to the Associated Press that she was aware of the situation and was being kept updated by police.

Stone, 24, said in a statement that she was "absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal."

The young singer made her mark on the music scene in 2003 with her best-selling debut album "The Soul Sessions." More recently she has taken on acting roles, including the part of Henry VIII's fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, in the Showtime drama "The Tudors."

Stone is a friend of Prince William and was a guest at his wedding to Kate Middleton in April.