Female Songwriters Share Their Artist Wish List


On Monday night, eight female songwriters from all corners of the music industry came together to kick off ASCAP's "Women Without Borders," its first all-female Song Camp. With all of that talent in one location, one burning question stood out: who would these ladies like to write for?

"I would love to work with Mariah Carey," songwriter Erika Nuri said. "I grew up listening to her songs and I think she's an amazing songwriter. A lot of people I don't think know that she actually does write all her songs."

And while many of the other accomplished women gave their "wish list" of artists, they mostly were excited about the opportunity that's in front of them. For the next five days, Claudia Brant, Deana Carter, Debi Nova and a host of others will get more familiar with each other and their styles as they retreat to the Woodshed Recording Studios in Malibu, CA to create great music and cuts for the world to hear. Thanks to ASCAP's Latin Department, these successful scribes will get to connect in the friendliest of atmospheres and continue to craft music we'll grow to love.

Click the video to hear more from the ladies!