Could Mick Jagger Move with Maroon 5 at Grammys?


Only ET was backstage with Maroon 5's Adam Levine for the group's Grammy rehearsal ahead of Sunday's big show. The singer and mentor on NBC's The Voice is nominated along with Maroon 5 for their hit Moves Like Jagger and Adam comments on whether Mick himself could show up to shake it on the Grammys stage!

"You never know, if he shows up and wants to come up -- like come on let's go," Adam said. But the singer added that getting Mick to Move Like Jagger onstage is a long shot and probably is not going to happen.

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One of the Grammy show highlights is sure to be when Maroon 5 teams up with Foster the People and the iconic 1960s band The Beach Boys to perform their famous pop anthem Good Vibrations. When asked whether their Grammy performance will make them nervous, Adam replies: "I really don't get nervous anymore, I think I've learned the lyrics pretty well to the song. I've known the lyrics since I was five years old."

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Brian Wilson and Mike Love of The Beach Boys said they are excited to be a big part of this year's Grammys, which they described as "one of the greatest TV shows ever." Brian also said he's looking forward to performing their vintage hit with the two modern bands. "It's a kick, the more players the better."

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Watch the video to also hear Foster the People reveal what music star they'll be most looking forward to seeing on Sunday.

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