Exclusive: Anthony and Bennett's Studio Session


Marc Anthony has made many memories over the years with his numerous popular salsa and pop singles in both English and Spanish, but he had the experience of a lifetime when he recorded a duet with Tony Bennett for Bennett's upcoming album, and ET has exclusive footage of their recording session.

While Anthony has earned his share of coveted Grammy awards over the years, Bennett has 17 Grammys to his name over his 67-year career in which he has produced well over 50 albums.

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So, when it came time for Anthony to meet up with Bennett in the recording studio to produce their duet cover of "For Once in My Life" for Bennett's Viva Duets album, he revealed that he was nervous to impress him.

"The difficult part is to actually stand next to him and not fall short," the 44-year-old singer said. "You get to record with Mr. Bennett--don't screw it up. You feel more exposed than ever."

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Although he was nervous in the presence of a jazz legend, Anthony stated that Bennett's easygoing personality and genuine desire to help others succeed helped him relax while performing the duet.

"For Once in My Life," a cover of Stevie Wonder's original 1968 version, is the first single released off of Bennett's new album, which features duets with Gloria Estefan and some of Latin America's most popular artists in addition to Anthony.

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Bennett's first two duets projects, Duets I and Duets II, were immensely successful and became his best selling albums to date in his extensive career. To add some flavor to this album, some of Bennett's duets are bi-lingual with a call-and-response interaction between him and the featured Latin star.

The single "For Once in My Life" is now available from digital retailers, and Bennet's full album Viva Duets will be released worldwide on October 22.