Braun on Bieber: Most Talented I May Ever Meet


recently caught up with the man behind pop sensation Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, and his brother Adam, founder and CEO of philanthropic organization Pencils of Promise, for a chat about the organization, Scooter's rise to prominence in the music industry, and of course--Mr. Bieber.

Scooter--who represents Carly Rae Jepsen, Asher Roth, The Wanted, Cody Simpson, and PSY in addition to Bieber--revealed that his journey to becoming a successful talent manager almost faded away but was saved by Roth's "I Love College." His career then took off with Bieber's rapid fame.

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"I was able to double down and really continue supporting and nurturing Justin," he said. "He is the most talented kid I will probably ever meet in my life and one of the most hard-working kids."

While his brother Adam created and runs Pencils of Promise (PoP), a non-profit that builds schools and enables educational opportunities in the developing world, Scooter said that he never encourages his clients to become involved in the organization, but they have done so on their own account.

"I run my business like a family, so all my artists are like family. Justin is family to me," the 31-year-old New York native said. "We've got on family vacations [where] [Adam] was his roommate for two weeks. Justin, at a very early age, because he saw what Adam was doing, was inspired the same way I was and chose to be involved."

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Inspired by PoP's good deeds, Bieber utilized his popularity to benefit the organization. As Scooter recounted, Bieber's first financial contribution to PoP was linked to an incident at a concert in which the wealthy father of one of his fans offered $10,000 for his daughter to meet Bieber backstage.

"This was very early on in his career. That's a lot of money. I walked back, had a conversation with Justin, and his immediate reaction was, 'Well, [doesn't] $10,000 build one classroom?' and I said 'Yeah,' and he goes, 'O.K., tell him to come back and I want the money to go to Pencils of Promise.'"

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