Inside Matthew Morrison's Very First Music Video!


Glee star Matthew Morrison unveiled his very first music video (ever!) today to accompany his latest single, It Don't Mean a Thing (from his forthcoming album full of classic Broadway songs, Where It All Began), and ET has your exclusive look behind the scenes of the swing-tastic extravaganza!

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Dressed to the nines, Morrison put on quite a show for the music video (in the style of the timeless song) alongside 16 of the best swing dancers in the United States.

And although his days on Broadway and Glee left the multi-talented star able to hold his own on set of It Don't Mean a Thing, he wasn't entirely confident he wouldn't make a fool of himself –or worse-- in front of the pros.

"It's some pretty intense stuff," said Morrison of the many fancy tricks he'd been practicing all week. "I'm the novice, so sorry in advance if I kill anyone."

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Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

Click the video above to hear Morrison talk about his new single and upcoming album, the first release from Adam Levine's label 222 Records, out June 4th.