Exclusive: Inside Janelle & Miguel's 'PrimeTime'


Janelle Monáe and Miguel blend sensual vocals for their new track PrimeTime, and only ET was on the set with the innovative artists as they filmed the single's futuristic music video!

Set in a dark, dystopian world, Miguel tells us they hoped to channel an underground vibe edged with stylized sexiness.

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"We're gonna kind of be experiencing, you know, Janelle's world set in a very Blade Runner-like setting," explained the Adorn singer. "I happen to play the love interest in the video, so it's going to be fun and interesting…The set is incredible and I don't think we've ever seen Janelle like this, so it's exciting."

The single comes from Janelle's latest album The Electric Lady, out now, which also features collaborations with Erykah Badu, Prince, and Solange Knowles.

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"I got a chance to work with some really amazing people and so, you know, a lot more collaborative on this album. I did not want to repeat anything from the ArchAndroid. I don't want to rest on my laurels, you know, and try to duplicate the ArchAndroid. I want to showcase where I am now and where I'm going in the future."

Click the video above for your first look inside PrimeTime! You can watch the finished product here.