ET Now: How Luke Bryan is Getting Ready For the ACM's


Luke Bryan is once again co-hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday night on CBS. But, before he returns to the Las Vegas stage, he stopped by ET to chat about his award show plan, spilled a few fun facts about himself, and surprised one very adoring fan!

"We'll start dialing into the script and start doing our own little tweaks and making it our own," he revealed about what he and co-host Blake Shelton will do when they arrive in Vegas this afternoon. "We'll run it 15-20 times and work out all the little kinks and stuff."

He then quickly transitioned to a few fun facts about himself we didn't already know. 

"Lays potato chips," he admitted about his unexpected pre-show snack. "It helps you out, the little oil in the chip, salt, gets the old vocal chords warmed up."

Check out this video to hear what else he revealed about himself and to see the reaction to his adorable meet and greet with a super fan!