FIRST LOOK: Drake Bell's 'Bitchcraft' Video


Hollywood can be a tough place for child stars and former Nickelodeon darling Drake Bell was no exception. We were the only ones on set of Drake's Bitchcraft music video, where the former child actor sat down with ET's Brooke Anderson, giving the scoop on how he is coming back from bankruptcy.

"You just find yourself in a hole," Drake said of the moment he realized he was in dire financial straits. "I'm concentrating more on picking myself up rather than focusing on how I fell down."

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Last May, Drake filed bankruptcy papers valuing his assets at about $1.6 million when he reportedly owed nearly $2.2 million.

"You know, all of these young people come into this industry and they don't realize how quickly and how fast it can be taken away," said Drake.

Now, the 27-year-old actor/musician is gearing up for a comeback with his upcoming album Ready Steady Go, available for pre-order now.

"Making this record was so much fun and I'm at a point in my life where, yeah, I got this bump in the road, but it's happening at a time where I'm getting to do everything I've dreamed of," said Drake. "So the bright side of life is pretty bright right now."

Watch the video for your first look at Drake's video for his single Bitchcraft. Ready Steady Go drops April 22.

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