Dolly Parton Makes the Crowd Go Wild in NY!


After decades in the music industry, Dolly Parton still isn’t slowing down and her most recent 35-hour media blitz in New York proves it!

From a 4:30am wake up call to an appearance on The Today Show, The Talk, and The Tonight Show, the superstar had a day that would make most of our heads spin! But somehow she managed to accomplish the entire ordeal with ease, and capture it all on camera.

The 68-year-old took a video diary of the entire trip, all to promote her 42nd album Blue Smoke. One of the things she managed to capture on camera was the fan frenzy she created during her appearance on The Today Show. The saying, ‘and the crowd went wild’ would be an understatement for her appearance. Between the screaming and the shouting, everyone seemed to be fan girling over the superstar.

So just how has she to managed to keep up her energy to please her fans all these years?

“I drink a lot of coffee and channel the energy of the fans,” she said.

Check out this video to see more of her media blitz diary!