How 'America's Got Talent' Star Lindsey Stirling Proved Piers Morgan Wrong With a Violin


Lindsey Stirling
shocked the nation when she made her debut on America's Got Talent in 2010.  The musician's unexpected talent of combining electronic dance music and classical violin was, and continues to be, unlike anything the music industry has ever seen.

"I hope people feel that empowerment to be themselves," Lindsey explains is the inspiration behind her music. "[The album] is about my experience of learning to break free and not be afraid to shatter the barriers around me."

Stirling was voted off AGT in the quarter finals, but the exposure continues to serve her well.  Her hit album, Shatter Me, reached #1 on the iTunes Album chart and #2 on the Billboard 200.

"Many little victory dances have been done in the last week," she says of learning the big news.

The 27-year-old can also count more than 4.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.  Not bad for someone who was told by AGT judge Piers Morgan that the world has no place for a dancing dub-step violinist.  Morgan has since ate his words tweeting, "Congratulations @LindseyStirling, you did indeed prove me wrong."

Stirling is now gearing up for a busy summer.  She's embarking on a 44 city tour, but found time to chat with ET Online about what fans can expect.

"I want to create an experience for people when they step into my world," she says. "It's very theatrical, very fun there will be a lot of smiles, I hope."

Check out the video to find out which artists Lindsey is dying to collaborate with and for a special look inside her tour rehearsals.