Inside J.Lo's Steamy Music Video with D&G Model David Gandy


Jennifer Lopez is taking ET behind-the-scenes of her music video for her latest single First Love, in which the multi-talented superstar gets to shoot some super-sizzling scenes with Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy, who plays her handsome love interest.

But however easy the two beautiful celebs make it look shooting in the Mojave Desert, the video wasn't without its issues -- specifically the intense winds.

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"It feels like we're in a hurricane or something," Jennifer says. "The wind is just brutal."

As for the concept of the video, Jennifer definitely had a lot of input when it came to working with director Anthony Mandler.

"The truth is it really is just about a feeling. It's a feeling -- the feeling of falling, of falling in love, the feeling of you've found the one, or that this person that you're with, you wish you would've met them years ago," she explains. "So for me it was less about telling a story, and more about capturing that feeling."

Check out the video to hear why she hand chose Gandy as her love interest.

Hint -- according to J. Lo, he's "studly!"

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First Love is off Jennifer's new album A.K.A., out June 17.