Destiny's Child Reunite For New Music Video (WATCH)


'Say Yes' to a Destiny's Child reunion!

Say Yes to a Destiny's Child reunion! Beyonce and Kelly Rowland showed up to help their girl Michelle Williams on her new music video.

"It's Destiny's Child time again," Beyonce announces in a behind-the-scenes look at the video for Say Yes, which debuted on Wednesday's Good Morning America.

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The Bootylicious ladies couldn't be more excited to be reuniting. Michelle gushes, "I'm so thrilled to have my sisters here with me and spreading a positive message for the world."

Beyonce says of the track, "The song is so inspiring, and there's not enough music out there like this."

Kelly adds, "It's so infectious and I think the world needs to hear it."

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The girl group is coming up on a big anniversary. Beyonce reveals, "12 years ago today, Destiny's Child released Bootylicious."

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Michelle's album Journey to Freedom comes out Sept. 9.