17 Times Lady Gaga Worshipped Her Little Monsters at the artRAVE

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If there is one thing we know to be true in this world, it's that Lady Gaga loves her little monsters.

Never is that more apparent than at a Gaga show. The superstar closed out her two-night Los Angeles tour stop on Tuesday at Staples Center and put her adoration on full display. She screamed, she sang and she shook what her mama gave her – but mostly she offered up declarations of love for the audience. Among the monsters at Tuesday's artRAVE: fans, Gaga's professional collaborators and even her parents.

ET had eyes and ears inside the show and took note of the many times Gaga was feeling the love for her L.A. little monsters.

1. "I'm in Hollywood, you b**ch. You look so beautiful tonight."

2. "Tonight is a night to celebrate our mutual love and admiration of one another… I want you to feel 100 percent free to be yourself." – Leading into "Venus."

3. Gaga kindly asked the crowd to put away their telephones (during "Telephone," of course) and "be in the moment," but paused dramatically to pose for photo ops at every wardrobe change. She knows her monsters have got to get those Instagram shots!

4. "We are here tonight to tell you a story. Six years ago, 'Just Dance' was the birth of one of, if not the most authentic fan base in the world."

5. "We dress like you because we are like you. Our lifestyle is the same as yours," she said, while she and her backup dancers were clad in colorfully outrageous ensembles. "Authentic nature has kept the spirit of the little monsters alive for all this time."

6. "Each and every one of you rejoice in a room where the artist is creatively f*cking free!" And the crowd roared…

7. "For those of you who don’t know ARTPOP or didn’t come for ARTPOP, you better grab a f*cking glowstick or get the f*ck out."

8. "This is when you guys made me a star." - Leading into "Poker Face."

9. "People ask if it's hard to be me. It doesn't have to be hard as long as you know how to think about it." -Serenading the audience with "Do What U Want."

10. "There are very important people to me in my life here tonight. People I've made records with, made tours with and my parents, who made a lifetime with me."

11. "There's a strong and powerful message in this room tonight. We believe in equality, tolerance, spreading love. Thank you for giving me something to believe in more than my own vanity. I believe in that, too. This one's for you, monsters." – Leading into a "Born this Way" sing-a-long.

12. "Don't be so hard on yourselves. This is a tough time in Hollywood. You don't need to be beautiful to be talented. You don't need to have abs to make a difference. F*ck your f*cking six pack!"

13. One little monster even got the chance to go backstage. Gaga opened a letter thrown onto the stage and read it out loud. The note’s author, Parker Stanley, said that Gaga's Born This Way Ball gave him the courage to come out to his family. Now, he's in theater school in New York. Stanley said that he wanted to pitch a creative idea to the superstar, and she invited him to come backstage. Gaga called his letter "a good use of your time" and praised him for putting a business pitch in his fan letter.

14. "You guys throw the f*cking craziest sh*t up here." – But she loved it.

15. "It's never easy to say goodbye. I love you so much. When I feel lonely, I hear this incredible sound in my head. It gives me a surge of joy. So I made an album I wanted you to feel the same… Please accept our applause." - Gaga closed her set with "Applause."

16. "Everybody cheer for yourselves! Celebrate your life!"

17. "The greatest gift of my life has been my fans. I love to sing – I never knew I could love you as much as I love to sing. This is for you, all my gypsy fans who love to sing." – Her encore: "Gyspy."

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