She's 46?! Check Out Kylie Minogue's Scotland Stage Styles!

Getty Images

Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue performed as part of the closing ceremonies for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, and tore the roof off the place, performing in a number of different outfits that, quite frankly, looked amazing on the 46-year-old singer.

Minogue proved that she was still one of the hottest performers in the world when she got the massive audience worked up into a roiling mass of screams and excitement. How could she not? She's got a great voice and she's drop-dead gorgeous.

The Commonwealth Games, which are a two-week sporting event with thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries – sort of like the UK's version of the Olympics – are over, but Kylie's stunning stage presence continues in our memories. And, of course, in these photos!